Pyramid Patios

Pyramid Patios get the distinct pyramid shape made from all sides of the structure meeting in the middle at a centre point. Not only do pyramid patios look magnificent both attached or as a freestanding structure, they are also the perfect complement to your pool area or outdoor settings.

Add a touch of tropical to your outdoor retreat with an outdoor roof that is open and airy, and full of light, creating a space that would not be amiss on the beaches of Bali.

Pyramid Patios are more of a complex patio compared to all other patio designs due to the intricate structure. With more than 40 years of experience, you can trust our patio builders to build a new patio that will last for years to come.

Take your patio design to the next level and add a real style statement with our Smooth Line 75 Insulated Roof Panels

Patio Extensions

Happy with your patio, but wishing it had a bit more length? Rather than install a whole new patio, all you may need is a simple patio extension! Use your existing patio as a base to work off on and add some extra length to make the patio you deserve.

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Hip end patio
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  • Captures natural light
  • Spacious open design
  • Suitable for ceiling fans
  • Luxury tropical design