Aluminium Channel Covers

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Aluminium channel covers are widely used in various home appliances, commercial applications, industries, and factories. They are frequently used to provide a conformational frame for roll-formed commodities and are appropriate for engineering and structural applications.

If you require aluminium channel covers for your next construction or DIY project, check out our selection at Wanneroo Patios. They not only come with functionality but also fit your style. You can have them powder coated, in timber look or custom colour.

Wanneroo Patios Aluminium Channel Cover Characteristics

Our aluminium channel covers have several distinguishing characteristics that make them a valuable solution for a variety of applications:

Non-Magnetic And Non-Sparking

Aluminium's non-magnetic properties are especially valuable in applications where the magnetic properties of materials cause problems. It is also frequently the best solution for highly flammable or explosive applications because it does not spark.

High Electrical And Thermal Conductivity 

Aluminium's conductivity properties are twice that of copper by weight, making it the most commonly used material in large capacity overhead power lines.

Ductility And Reflectivity

Another advantage of aluminium is its good reflective characteristic. It can reflect both light and heat is used in rescue blankets and light fittings.

Lightweight Power

Aluminium channel covers have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them the ideal material for lightweight load-bearing.

Resistance To Corrosion And Rust

When aluminium is exposed to air, it forms an extremely thin coating. This protective layer of aluminium oxide coating protects it from rust and corrosion, enhanced by anodizing if necessary.


Aluminium is equal to raw material during the recycling process and does not degrade. It retains its original properties during the recycling process. Using recycled metal during production is more cost-effective than prime metal from the ground.

Aluminium Channels Cover For Led Strip Lights

Aluminium channels covers are among the most popular LED strip light accessories. When planning LED strip light projects, aluminium channels are frequently listed on parts lists as an optional accessory. It can protect the LED strip light from the dust, debris, and unexpected impacts.

Aluminium is also one of the best materials for heat management among commonly manufactured and used materials, with thermal performance values second to copper (which is more expensive). Direct contact allows heat to move from the LED strip to the aluminium channel body, where a greater surface area is accessible for heat exchange into the environment. Beyond that, it also provides a sturdy mounting base for both the LED strip and the polycarbonate diffuser, which offers advantages in light distribution.

Wanneroo Patios has affordable aluminium channel covers perfect for your needs! They are 6 meters long and powder-coated, demonstrating a high-quality finish in terms of functionality and overall appearance. Aside from that, we also offer a variety of aluminium products like high-quality aluminium slats, gates, and fencing supplies at wholesale prices that you can order directly from our store, making them ideal for do-it-yourself projects. If you're searching for any aluminium covers, don't hesitate to call us on 08 9302 1965 and we'll gladly be at your service.