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Fix your aluminium slats in place with our selection of aluminium channels, available in powder-coated and custom colours, or in a selection of timber grain looks. Perfect for your next outdoor project, and the ideal option to suit a range of aluminium slat gate styles, Wanneroo Patios have all your aluminium channel needs for your new gate.

Designed to be more cost-effective and require less maintenance than traditional timber frames, our aluminium channels are the perfect option when it comes to building a gate that will stand the test of time.

An aluminium channel sometimes referred to as an aluminium C channel or U channel, is a structurally sound metal component used in multiple applications, especially where corrosion resistance and lightweight materials are required. In DIY projects, it is commonly used for storing mounting fixtures, framing to protect edges and faces, running cables, and LED light applications. Aluminium channels contain inside radius corners that give them their channel shape. They are about one-third the weight of steel, offering versatility and adaptability without compromising durability and reliability.

Wanneroo Patios’ offers aluminium channel Perth that comes in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 5 inches to 6.5 inches which can be cut to any size to fulfil the needs of several applications. Our aluminium channels are sought by DIY builders and tradies for their projects because they can be constructed, shaped, and altered to match any application. Beyond that, they are more cost-effective and require less maintenance than traditional steel and timber frames, guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Characteristics of Aluminum Channels

Electrical Conductivity and Heat

Aluminium channels have double the conductivity of copper, making them an excellent choice for high-capacity overhead power lines. Their ability to withstand heat makes them the best option for applications that involve LED lights. And, they can last in areas that have extremely hot weather.


Aluminium’s malleability provides the appearance that this type of metal isn't solid. However, its adaptability is what makes it so helpful and flexible. They are highly flexible and can be easily shaped or altered for whatever purpose you may need them.

Wear Resistance

The high resistance of aluminium to rust and corrosion is a major factor in selecting aluminium channels for construction projects. While other metals may corrode and wear in harsh environments, aluminium channels can maintain their strength regardless of the temperature.

Non-Magnetic and Non-Sparking

Aluminium channels are used in modern electronics because their magnetic properties are unaffected by applications that can cause failures and problems. Additionally, aluminium channels are suitable for use in highly flammable or potentially explosive applications.


All raw materials in the modern era are evaluated for their ability to be reused, which has become a significant social, commercial, and industrial thrust. Aluminium channels can be brought back to manufacturers for repurposing, reprocessing, and remanufacturing as raw materials.

Wanneroo Patios Is a Reliable Aluminium Channel Supplier in Perth

If you are looking at aluminium channels to complete your next outdoor project, come to Wanneroo Patios. We offer excellent quality and affordable aluminium channels, in powder-coated, custom, and timber grain looks. What’s more, we have a variety of other aluminium products that are great for various DIY projects. And, our experts can assist you with formulating your plans and making installations.

If you are looking for a robust, lightweight, and versatile product to complete your project, check out aluminium channel profiles. You can also contact us directly for some expert information. We’ll help you visualize the outcome of your plan. Moreover, we can provide you with multiple design inspirations and give you expert advice. For your inquiries and free quotes, you can contact us on 08 9302 1965 or email us at [email protected].