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End Caps

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Plastic end caps are designed for protecting, masking, finishing, and maximising the utility of fuel lines, pipes, holes in metal sheets, hydraulic hose fittings, and other vital parts. They push or thread against the outside of a part of the surface metallic structures like aluminium.

The flexible material of the round plastic end caps are flexible and can stretch to larger dimensions for a snug fit without tearing, splitting, or shredding. Some can be used many times, and many are versatile enough to be used at various stages of a manufacturing process. This is why manufacturers and metal structure assemblers are in need of these elements.
Importance Of Plastic End Caps.

Safety And Protection

End caps have transcendent importance because they represent safety and protection. It is easy to imagine that specific dangerous points may remain once an aluminium structure is installed. This is true, for example, of terminations where the aluminium has been chipped or roughened after being cut or in areas that connect substructures. End caps serve as elements designed to cover these to prevent any scratches, cuts, and other damage. It not only protects the structure but also ensures that the people handling them can avoid any accidents.

Grip And Support

Aside from offering safety and protection, plastic end caps also serve as a grip or support of a metallic structure. The plastic material used is durable and can be used in preventing slippage. Furthermore, the use of high and low-density polyethylene, thermoplastic rubber, or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) ensures exceptionally high resistance. As a result, it gives the appropriate response to construction conditions, thermal variations, and the environment they will be continually exposed to. And, due to their high resistance to applying force, which is also due to the materials from which they are made, end caps remain firm and provide robust support.

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At Wanneroo Patios, we do more than build patios and sell aluminium materials. We also offer plastic end caps that can be used together with our other metallic products. We stock a number of plastic end caps that can be used for various materials in construction and DIY applications. Our end caps are ideal for protecting delicate parts of metals including gate posts, tubing, rails, bars, and more. They provide safety for fragile or sharp-tipped metal materials that can easily be damaged during construction, packing, or transit. And, they can help cover and hide any exposed screws, nut/bolt heads, and other manufacturing flaws.

If you need plastic end caps to go with your aluminium structures or materials, Wanneroo Patios has them for you! They work great with our durable and low-maintenance aluminium supplies. So, you won't have to head to another store for your end cap needs. What's more, we can offer wholesale prices that include GST, direct to the public, along with a wealth of useful advice to achieve the best results. Take advantage of our products and exceptional service, call us today on 08 9302 1965.