Aluminium Sections

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Take on your next home project with our range of aluminium sections for your next aluminium outdoor project, available in standard powder-coated and custom colours, or a selection of timber look options. Whether you're building your new gate or need a replacement product, we've got the options for you!

Aluminium Sections are available in select sizes only.

We do not cut Aluminium Sections to exact sizes.

If you are thinking about DIY or building your own outdoor area for your home or business in Perth, you might want to consider using the Aluminium sections from Wanneroo Patios. Aluminum profiles and sections are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and engineering applications due to their lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant properties. These extruded profiles are created by pushing aluminum billets through a die, which shapes them into specific cross-sectional profiles. The resulting sections can be customized to fit a variety of purposes, including framing, support structures, and decorative trims. Additionally, aluminum profiles and sections are easy to work with, as they can be cut, drilled, and shaped to suit specific needs. Overall, these versatile components have become a popular choice for many industries due to their strength, flexibility, and affordability. .

Aluminum sections offer numerous advantages over other materials, making them a popular choice for a wide range of applications. Firstly, aluminum is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and install, while also reducing the overall weight of the finished product. Secondly, aluminum is highly durable and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for use in harsh environments or outdoor applications. Thirdly, aluminum sections can be easily customized to meet specific design requirements, including various shapes, sizes, and finishes. Additionally, aluminum is a sustainable material that can be easily recycled, reducing its impact on the environment. Finally, aluminum sections offer good thermal and electrical conductivity, making them useful in applications where heat dissipation or electrical conductivity is required. Overall, the advantages of aluminum sections make them a popular choice for a variety of industries and applications.  

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