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Add the finishing touches to your new gate with a wide range of accessories, such as drop bolts and lock and latch sets for added security, heavy-duty gate hinges for extra durability, or base plates and corner stakes for a streamlined finish to your newly installed gate. Building a gate or a patio is a relatively simple project that you should be able to complete in a single weekend. But before you begin your project, it is important to choose the right materials that will fit your vision. Among the most important things you need to consider are your gate or patio accessories. Using suitable and durable accessories will guarantee that your gate or patio will remain strong through changes in its environment, last the test of time, and not wear down with use. Beyond that, the right accessories will help increase your safety and add to the value of your property.

Import Accessories to Purchase

Aluminium gate hinges

Among the most essential fence gate accessories are aluminium gate hinges. If you are installing aluminium fencing in a high-traffic location, you should choose high-quality aluminium gate hinges that will not easily rust or break, especially if your gate will be used frequently. 

Gate drop bolts

To keep your property secure, a gate drop bolt will come in handy. Place them into a strong foundation, such as a hole in the concrete or a pipe that lies in the ground to ensure that your gate remains closed and secure. You may also safeguard your gates further by attaching a padlock to each gate drop bolt.

Internal post bracket

Internal brackets are used to secure 50/50 posts to concrete or wood. They are designed to fit internally so that they will be hidden after installation.

Post brackets

Your fencing or patio construction DIY cannot be completed without the right fence post brackets or patio post brackets. The brackets are designed to be installed on a post that supports a girder or beam which passes through or terminates above the post. They screw into the sides of the posts and offer a location for timber to join the posts. Meanwhile, fence post brackets link fence panels to fence posts, ensuring their strength and security. They conceal exposed screws, giving your fence a clean, finished appearance.

Post Base Plate

This base plate assembly fits the bottom of aluminium posts, allowing them to be mounted on top of a deck or other surface. They convey structure stresses to the concrete footing surface and connect the column's bottom end to the footing.

Corner Stake

Heavy-duty corner stakes are used in conjunction with 50 x 50 posts to connect the corners while also forming a gate frame.

If your next project involves securing your property or building a functional outside place for gatherings, then picking the right patio and fence accessories is a must. You need to make sure you pick good quality products that will function properly and last for a very long time. Otherwise, you'll end up running into problems and wasting money on your construction.

The accessories we offer at Wanneroo Patios are guaranteed high-quality and affordable. They are ideal for most types of fencing and patio constructions. More than that, they look good and can easily be concealed or blended into fashionable structures. We also offer other products and services perfect for simple DIYs and other construction projects. If you want to know more about what we can offer, call us on 08 9302 1965 or email us at [email protected]