COLORBOND For Your Patios & Pergolas

COLORBOND® steel stands as an optimal choice for expanding your living area with an outdoor covered patio or pergola. Its seamless integration with your home, coupled with its durability, strength, and easy maintenance, makes it an ideal solution. With a diverse range of COLORBOND® steel products and colours available, achieving your desired aesthetic has never been simpler.

Thanks to COLORBOND® steel’s innovative five-layer design, you can anticipate prolonged performance. Its attributes include resistance to corrosion, paint chipping, flaking, and blistering, while being entirely termite-proof.

Patio and pergola structures crafted from COLORBOND® steel offer an array of designs, showcasing excellent spanning capabilities, often requiring minimal posts and rafters. These roofs can be either flat or pitched, and specialized manufacturers can provide engineered systems, accompanied by essential drawings and information for facilitating the council approval process. Numerous manufacturers offer installation services by qualified professionals or provide kits for a DIY approach. For locating a supplier, please utilize our supplier locator tool.


A range of colours that can inspire you to create the dream outdoor space. 22 COLORBOND steel core colours and 6 in a premium matte finish.

Dover White™



Shale Grey™




Classic Cream™


Evening Haze®




Manor Red®


Woodland Grey®

Pale Eucalypt®

Cottage Green®


Deep Ocean®

Night Sky®




COLORBOND® steel is fortified with five layers of defence, tailored to brave the challenging Australian climate while ensuring steadfast durability you can rely on. Our premium-grade steel undergoes a process involving our cutting-edge Activate® technology*, bolstered by pre-treatment, primer, and a resilient baked-on topcoat for enhanced protection

Thermal Comfort:

COLORBOND® steel’s core colour palette, available in Classic and Matt finishes, incorporates our innovative Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. Specifically engineered, Thermatech® works to deflect a higher percentage of the sun’s heat during scorching, sunlit days, potentially enhancing your comfort while lessening the need for air conditioning*. Please note, Thermatech® is accessible across all core colours except Night Sky®.


In fostering a more sustainable ‘circular economy,’ each COLORBOND® steel product integrates recycled materials, with the steel being entirely recyclable.
Additionally, COLORBOND® steel’s demonstrated durability extends the lifespan of resources, reducing its environmental footprint by keeping materials in use for more extended periods.

Make Sure it’s Genuine:

Decades of dedicated Australian research and development have yielded a suite of technologies that empower authentic COLORBOND® steel to deliver enduring performance, even amid Australia’s most severe conditions. To ensure you’re obtaining the genuine product, watch for the distinct COLORBOND® steel branding on the item or its packaging.

Tested in Australian Conditions:

In Australia, our structures endure diverse and demanding weather patterns, spanning extreme heat, cold, dust, rain, wind, and hail. Consequently, COLORBOND® steel undergoes thorough evaluations across outdoor sites nationwide, alongside rigorous accelerated laboratory tests. These assessments encompass corrosion, durability, and application testing, ensuring its adaptability across a wide spectrum of building and manufacturing applications, compatible with prevalent industry building materials. Moreover, outdoor exposure testing further validates its resilience in real-world conditions.

ColorBond PowderCoated Products

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