Aluminium Slats

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Take on your next home project with our range of aluminium slats for your next aluminium slat gate, available in standard powder-coated and custom colours, or a selection of timber look options. Whether you're building your new gate or need a replacement slat, we've got the options for you!

Aluminium Slats are available in select sizes only.

We do not cut Aluminium Slats to exact sizes.

If you are thinking about building a fence or a gate for your home or business in Perth, you might want to consider using the Aluminium slats from Wanneroo Patios. Aluminium slat fencing offers durability and a contemporary appearance at an affordable cost. They boost privacy and home security, protect your property from the weather, and look wonderful while being simple to install and maintain.

Aluminium slat fencing is commonly used as an external fence around a home or business perimeter, however, it can also be utilized as internal partitioning within the property's outdoor space. They are made up of parallel aluminium beams or "slats” that can be positioned horizontally, vertically, or in a mix of the two. 

Advantages of Aluminium Slat Fencing

There are several compelling reasons to construct an aluminium fence or gate around your home or business, here are some of them.

Confidentiality and Safety

It’s simpler to relax and enjoy your outside space when it’s safe and secluded. Although there are gaps in the aluminium slat fence, a robust slat fence delimiting your property will deter opportunistic robbers from searching for an easy target because scoping it out will be more difficult. You can even use them to create aluminium slat screens for additional privacy. To further protect your property in elegance, combine it with a secure automatic gate system (which may also be created with aluminium slats).


Slat fencing also protects against the sun's heat and UV rays; that's why it's so popular in Australia. Like a patio roof, aluminium slat fencing helps keep your outdoor space cool and comfortable. An external aluminium slat fence also provides a sound barrier, which blocks traffic noise from surrounding roads. This will lower noise levels both within and outside your structure.

Visual Appeal

An aluminium slat fence complements a patio, increasing its safety while also giving it a finished and seamless look. They’re also great for subtly hiding away unsightly utilities such as bins, gas bottles, air conditioning units, water tanks, etc. Moreover, an aluminium slat fence at the front of your property takes its curb appeal to a higher level. Your place will appear much more presentable which significantly upgrades its value. You can choose powder-coated aluminium slats that would be perfect for an edgy look. Or, use wood-look aluminium slat fencing for a more modern style. 

Get Your Aluminium Slats at Wanneroo Patios

Wanneroo Patios offers the best value for money in aluminium slat fencing in Perth. Our slats are ideal for tradies and DIY aluminium slat fencing. We are among the best aluminium slat suppliers in Western Australia, providing DIY home renovators with 6.5m aluminium slats in various powder-coated colours, custom colours, and timber-look finishes, at competitive costs. We also have another variety of other DIY products you can buy together with your aluminium slats.

Take on your next project with Wanneroo Patios, check out our aluminium slats for sale. Whether you’re building a new gate or simply require a replacement slat, we have the best options for you. And, if a DIY aluminium slat fencing seems too challenging, browse through our pre-built slat gates, or try using our material calculator for easy ordering! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any additional information or guidance. You can contact us on 08 9302 1965 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.